Performance Door and Hardware, Inc.

A note from our president... 

PD&H continually strives to be a profitable, independent, employee centered and socially responsible subcontractor/distributor of the best door systems for our customers’ applications.

  Principles for a happy and productive work environment.

  * Relate to others with courtesy, kindness, honesty and sincerity.

  * Treat others as you would hope to be treated.

  * Always provide high level of service.

  * Readily admit when you are wrong and don’t gloat when you are right.

  * Add value - it’s an honorable way to make a living and will keep our customers coming back for more. 

  * Strive to add more value to our service through your technique and new technology.

  * We are the company.  Individually, as we adhere to these principles, so does the company.

The above values driven by our dedicated long term employee group have provided positive results for 20 straight years.  As we celebrate this accomplishment, I feel lucky to have had the opportunity to “steer this ship” since inception.  Going forward, the mindset is for continued growth, to work hard, and be happy with our lives.

Jay Kautzman